What qualifies as a Good Call?


Opportunity for New Business -  “A Good Call”

Calls are considered “Good” calls when they feature a customer approaching a company for the first time.  A good call has up to five determining features, but having the status of a good call will be revoked if any of the seven “junk” call dialogues occur during in the conversation.

The call recording only needs to feature one of the following dialogues to be considered Good

1) The Customer describes a need for a service

2) The Customer requests a service

3) The Customer requests a price for a service

4) The Customer leaves a voicemail with their name

5) The Customer leaves a voicemail with their phone number


Not new Business – “A Junk call”

These calls are considered “junk” calls because they do NOT represent a customer approaching your company for the first time, or they do NOT provide an opportunity for new business.

If the call recording features any of the following dialogues, then a “good” call status is revoked and the call is “junk”.  You are not billed for “junk” calls.

Prior Relationship

1) The Customer refers to any prior conversations with you

2) The Customer refers to any prior meetings with you

3) There is any level of familiarity in the tone of the conversation which would indicate that you have spoken with the customer at any point in the past.


4) The caller is a salesman who is trying to sell you something (Advertising space, a better website, Widgets)

5) The caller is looking for a job within your company

Bad Match

6) The Customer asks for a service that is not provided by the contractor

7) The Customer is located too far away from the contractor


Basic Contract Terms


No Upfront costs – We earn our fees based on our performance.  If we don’t provide you with quality calls, we will not charge you for our service

No Recurring subscription fees – Once again, we earn our fees based on our performance.  You are only charged for quality calls that we provide to you.  You are not charged any monthly website hosting fees.

Billing Rate per call – Once a fixed rate is determined, every “good” call will be billed at that rate.  The rates are set based on the service industry and the locations that are targeted.

Contract Duration – No minimum term, you can cancel anytime.  The only contractual obligation that you have is to pay us a fixed rate for each quality call that we provide to you.  You will discover that there is no reason to cancel because you are only paying for quality leads that grow your business.  If you choose to cancel, call us or email us and we will deactivate your account.




Assurance of Call Quality


Targeted results – We prepare your online marketing messages to specifically reflect the services that your offer and the locations that you work.  The people that we get to call you will be legitimate prospects for your business.

All calls are recorded – You will need to consent to having all of the calls recorded when you sign up for our service.

Proof of call quality –  You will have access to all of the call recordings to facilitate an open discussion about the quality of any calls that may be disputed

Flagging calls – Our system has been designed for you to flag the junk calls which do not generate new business for you by pressing 9999 # on your phone after the caller hangs up their phone.  This will mark the call in the system as a non-chargeable call.

Unanswered Calls –  Sometimes you are too busy on the jobsite and can’t get to your calls.  But, unanswered calls are not good for your business or ours.  As a way to eliminate unanswered calls, we have contracted with a answering service that will take your calls using your company’s name.  The customer’s name, phone number and their message are captured and then instantly emailed (or texted) to you.  This service is available for an additional fee of only $1 per call.  This feature can be activated for certain times of the day, or even weeks at a time, depending on your needs.



Website Ownership & Content


Does this service replace my existing website – Our service does not replace your existing website, it merely extends the reach of your presence online.  The difference is that we have special telephone numbers on our website to track the calls that are generated from our service.

Website Name and Address – We purchase and set up our own website at a domain or our choosing.  We feature either your actual business name & address, or we will create a fictitious name and address if we feel that it would better suit our own marketing efforts.

Ownership of the Website – We always maintain ownership of the website(s) that we use to generate calls to your business.  Our websites are never sold or transferred to our clients.

Content on the website – We carefully develop descriptions of your company and the services that you perform.  We also embellish the website with professional photographs and videos that showcase the benefits of hiring your business.  All of the material on the website protected by copyright and will always be owned by Simple Internet Exposure.  You are not permitted to use or re-use the content created by Simple Internet Exposure.


Internet Marketing Methods

Phone Numbers – We own and operate batches of phone numbers that we use across the Internet for the businesses that we represent.  The phone numbers that we associate with your business are selected at our discretion and may be changed at anytime.  Ownership of our numbers cannot be transferred.

Locations & Content of Internet Advertising – We showcase your business on many locations and in many forms.  Selecting the locations and the content used to market your services is at our sole discretion.

Representation of your business – By using our service, you consent to having Simple Internet Exposure as an authorized representative of your business.  It is in our interest to promote your business and ensure that the online reputation of your business is showcased in a positive light.  We will create and maintain profiles on various social networks such as Facebook, Linked-In and other similar services.  We will also list your business in various directories & and advertise your business in many forms. You will not have any administration privileges in the operation of these profiles, listings, and advertising campaigns.  Ownership of these online profiles, listings and advertising campaigns will not be transferred to you if you choose to cancel your account with us.  You are free to set up your own concurrent profiles, listings and advertising campaigns if you choose, remember that our service merely extends the reach of your online marketing efforts.


Call Reports


Weekly Reports

Every week, a summary is provided to you that features list of all of the good customers that have contacted you during the week (Sunday through Saturday).  Within the report you are able to listen to recordings of all of the calls, and see the content of the emails that were sent.  If any customers show up on this report that you feel have been improperly classified as “good”, you can alert us so that we can make whatever adjustments are necessary.  It is best to review this list every week, so that the calls are still fresh in your memory.

Monthly Reports

The same information that is provided on a weekly basis is then compiled into a comprehensive monthly report.  The number of “good” customers contained in this report will serve as a “draft copy” of your monthly invoice.  It is your responsibility to review this report for accuracy.  Your monthly invoice will be issued based on the content in the monthly report, unless you alert us to any discrepancies


Billing Terms


Monthly Billing Process – At the close of every month, we take the total number of “good” customers that contacted you through our systems during the monthand multiply that by the fixed rate that we agreed on for each good customer.

Billing Method – We accept Credit Cards and checks.  Invoices are due within 30 days of issue.

Non-Payment – If your account is past due over a period of time longer than 45 days, we will terminate your account and collect any outstanding balance that is due.